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We’ve recommended that homeowners look into using a ductless mini-split and cooling. These systems are ideal for some kind of homes and applications, like building a house, providing comfort to add on rooms, or for older homes that lack the room to put in ductwork.

But exactly how do these ductless systems work? When people think of heating that does not use ducts, their ideas will generally go to boilers. But ductless mini-breaks force air heating systems that blow around the place that heats.

Is this possible without ducts to distribute the air? Ductless mini-splits are heat pumps. Let’s look at the heart of a ductless system which is that it is a kind of heat pump. A heat pump is an air conditioning system that may change the direction it works.

When the heat pump is working as an air conditioner, it absorbs heat from indoors and moves it outdoors. A blower fan sends the chilled indoor air throughout the ducts. When the heat pump goes into heating mode, the process moves around. Currently, heat absorbs from out and brought indoors.

The blower fan sends the heated air to the ducts. But how do we get through this kind of operation to one that needs no ductwork? It requires looking in the window air conditioning unit. Point Heating and Cooling, Centralized! The window AC is still around, and useful for apartment buildings and some office buildings.

Even though we do not recommend any house rely on them for heating, they do help illustrate how a heat pump can operate without ducts. A window AC offers point cooling, so its own blower fan sends chilled air into space. You do not need ducts with a window AC! Take this concept, and instead of using many bulky window ACs that everyone has to exhaust heating out via their outdoor half, use run air handlers mounted on the walls.

Each air handler contains a blower and a refrigerant coil. The refrigerant line and a condensate line pass through a little hole in the wall behind the blower and connect to an outdoor unit. All the blowers hookup to this unique unit, which serves as a place where warmth absorbs. Presto.

You’ve point heating, like a window AC, but, it’s concentrated throughout the outdoor unit. The air handlers mounts on the walls and each can manage from the others in order that you could opt to heat and cool only the portions of the house that needs it.

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