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Storage water heaters are the most common and most familiar type of water heaters. The cylindrical tank we’ve all seen in the garage or basement is a storage water heater – also known as a tank-style water heater. If your water heater is more than 8 years old, it is time to start considering replacement. How old is your heater? Check out our Technical Reference section. Washington Water Heaters is the area’s leading expert in hot water systems, and can repair or replace your ailing tank style heater today. We stock a HUGE selection of tanks and parts to get you back into hot water very quickly. Nobody Gets You Into Hot Water Faster!

Here at Washington Water Heaters, we can find and install the residential boiler or storage water heater system you need. With 30+ years of experience with boilers and water heating, we have installed thousands of residential boilers in the Seattle Tacoma area. We are not another general plumbing company that can also install a hot water boiler system; Washington Water Heaters is a hot water specialty company, with skilled and experienced technicians who know how to design and install residential hot water systems (Tankless & Boiler Systems) in the Seattle-Tacoma area.


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Service to Seattle, Tacoma, Everett, Bellevue, Kirkland, Bothell, Redmond, Issaquah, Sammamish, Marysville Maple Valley, Renton, Kent, Auburn and Western Washington.

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Rheem Electric tank

Rheem Electric. Professional Classic™ electric water heaters are engineered for longer life – resistored heating elements and premium grade anode rod.

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Rheem Power Vent

Rheem Power Vent. Features the Guardian System™ – Air/fuel shut-off system offers double protection, maintenance free- no filter to clean. Flammable Vapor Detection Sensor – protective control system that disables the heater in the presence of flammable vapor accumulation. Long venting lengths up to 100 feet.

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Rheem Gas Tank

Rheem Gas. Professional Classic Plus™ Atmospheric gas water heaters are engineered for more hot water at a low operating cost.

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Rheem Powered Direct Vent

Rheem Power Direct Vent The Power Direct Vent induced draft gas water heater is a perfect choice for tight construction or when indoor air quality is a concern.

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Rheem Direct Vent

Rheem Direct Vent.
Technology Adjustable coaxial vent allows flexibility of installation, can swivel 360 degrees and uses outside air for combustion and requires no electrical power.

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Bradford White Electric. Bradford Residential Upright Energy Saver Electric Water Heaters are engineered for more hot water at a low operating cost.

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Bradford White Gas The Bradford White Gas ICON system was created for enhanced, efficient performance in delivering more hot water at a lower cost.

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084691228998lgGE Heat Pump Water Heater saves approximately $376 per year—that’s $3,760 savings in energy costs over a 10-year period. It also uses less than half the energy compared to a conventional 50-gallon tank water heater.

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Phoenix Light Duty Gas Fired Water Heater The impressive stainless steel finish, easy to program and understand LCD display and extreme cost savings makes the Phoenix LD the appliance you’ll want to brag about.

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