What brands of tankless water heaters do you sell?

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We sell ALL the brands on the market today. Any number of factors will help dictate which brand and model of tankless water heater is going to be best for your home. For instance, we will look hard at the layout of the home and where the existing water heater sits. Your needs and budget will also factor in to a recommended brand. We like to find the right brand and model for your home rather than “force” a particular brand in just because that is the heater we stock. Brand has nothing to do with our profit, so we have no reason to steer you one way or another EXCEPT in how it will affect you and your family. With that said, and if all things are equal, the NAVIEN and NORITZ lines are our FAVORITES. Navien is very versatile and can work where other brands simply won’t, plus it is the only brand that makes recirculation simple.  Noritz is the #1 tankless manufacturer in the world, and they have been doing it longer than any other company (more than 50 years).  When you have a very simple “through wall” vent type application, it’s hard to beat the simplicity and reliability of the Noritz line.  We do use other brands in certain circumstances.

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