What you Should Do For Your Water Heater for the Holidays

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Heading out for spring break? Before you leave the home, you may wish to consider placing your warm water heater in Vacation Mode.

Not sure the way to do so? We broke down the way to prepare your warm water heater for the holiday below: what’s Vacation Mode? Most water heaters have a setting on their temperature dial labeled VAC, or VACATION..

You’ve likely seen this on the thermostat and never knew what it had been used for. Vacation Mode drops your water heater’s temperature to conserve energy as you are not at home to use your warm water.

In this manner, the water heater is saving energy when using enough energy to maintain water flowing and preventing plumbing. If you will be away from your house for at least 3 days, it is recommended that you use Holiday mode. Whenever you return, turn your dial back to its usual state and warm water will be available shortly.

Newer models also have the option to plan your return, so your water heater will restart heating one day before your arrival so warm water will be available the moment you go back.

What are the advantages of using Vacation Mode on your Water Heater? Having Vacation Mode while you are away from your home could be beneficial to the environment and your wallet! Lowering the temperature of your water heater reduces your energy consumption, maintaining natural resources, and reduce the energy bill.

Vacation Mode additionally reduces the possibility of your water heater reduces the chance of your water heater corroding or having a build-up of minerals as you are away.

What if your Water Heater does not have a Vacation Mode? In case your hot water heater does not have a vacation setting, then manually adjust your temperature to resemble Vacation Mode by lowering the temperature to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, or the lowest setting your thermostat allows.
You could also opt to turn your warm water heater away completely.

For gas water heaters, then shut off the gas supply to the tank. For electric water heaters, then switch off the power to the machine on your breaker box. Whenever you return, only restore the relations and relight the aviator light whether you have a gas water heater.

If you opt for this option, be conscious of the time of year you are traveling. If you are traveling during the winter months, it is important you do not also turn off the furnace of your house entirely, because you then risk frozen pipes and irreparable harm to your water heater.

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